The Vita's biggest fan, Gio Corsi, announces his departure from PlayStation.
Gio Corsi

When you think of the PlayStation Vita, there is perhaps one name that should come to mind. That name is Gio Corsi. Corsi was one of the handful of Sony staff that would frequently appear on stage for various PlayStation events over the years. He has served as the Senior Director of Third Party Production and Developer Relations at PlayStation. He also served as the Head of Global second Party Games.

Today, Gio Corsi announced that his final week at Sony was last week.

For all the titles he wore, Corsi is perhaps best known for how much he supported and loved the PlayStation Vita. Corsi saw promise in the handheld device when it seems like everybody else had written it off. Gio Corsi would often take the stage at PlayStation hosted events to announce new titles coming to the VItas. He even dropped a little love note to the Vita on the Twitter thread announcing his departure from Sony.

Corsi is also well known for the "building the list" initiative. A few years ago, Corsi and Sony asked the fans to offer suggestions to the company as to what games they would like to see released on PlayStation hardware. Some of the games that became a reality were Windjammers and Ys Origin on the PS4 and even Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation Vita. You can even thank the "building the list" campaign for bringing some of the Yakuza games to the West.

Gio Corsi leaves PlayStation about a month after we learned that Shawn Layden was out as the boss of PlayStation Worldwide Studios. This also comes just a few weeks after a number of layoffs hit PlayStation Europe. Though it's probably unrelated, Corsi's departure does very little to push aside the persistent rumblings of an ongoing internal power struggle within Sony's PlayStation divisions.

Gio Corsi's announcement thread from Twitter can be found below.