More may still be named.
Zoe Quinn

Update (August 28, 2019 at 9PM): As assumed yesterday when this story initially went up, there are indeed other people being named for gross behavior including but not limited to sexual assault.

Today, accusations were publicly shared against Alexis Kennedy, Ken Wong, and Ben Judd.

Kennedy is the co-founder of Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea). He has long since left the studio.

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The current Failbetter team says that they have no ties with him personally, creatively, or financially.

Kennedy almost immediately responded to the accusations today by denying the accusations and making threats of legal action. However, numerous others have come forward to support Meg Jayanth's account of Kennedy's behavior and actions over the years.

Ken Wong was the designer and artist for Florence and lead designer of Monument Valley. He is being accused of abuse by developer Tony Coculuzzi (Florence lead developer, Studio director at Wilder Games).

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Accusations were also made against Ben Judd, who used to provide the English voice for Phoenix Wright in the Ace Attorney titles. He also worked on localization for Viewtiful Joe, Onimusha 3, God Hand, and more.

Original (August 27, 2019 at 9PM): Just in the past day, a number of fairly high-profile males in the gaming industry have been accused of sexual assault. Many of the accusations made are several years old, some as much as a decade, largely due to the massive amounts of fear the victims have perpetually endured. Now, it may be easy for some of you to sit there and go, "why not just talk to the police?" It's not as simple as that due to that constant and crippling fear, or the threat of professional and personal repercussions as a result of outing their abusers.

The accusations started first by a long blog post from game designer and artist, Nathalie Lawhead. The blog post, entitled simply "calling out my rapist," says that she was raped and sexually abused by Jeremy Soule. Soule is a game composer that has worked on games like Guild Wars, The Elder Scrolls, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and more. Lawhead says that the incident with Soule occured when the two were working at a game studio in Vancouver in 2008. Lawhead also makes extensive note of a declining work environment after the assault. She says that she was repeatedly disrespected at work, had to fight for her pay, and was ultimately let go from that job. Lawhead's claims were backed up by numerous screenshots and emails that were included in the blog posting.

The work he composed for video games is based on this. He “needs women to inspire him”… there was so much of this, very uncomfortable inappropriate stuff (inappropriate even for friends), and it kept getting darker and darker.
He made advances on me and I explained that I didn’t want this and wanted a friendship. He was very threatening, and didn’t listen. He made it clear that it’s “him or bust”.
He raped me.
Throughout this time Jeremy acted like a victim, and blamed women he was in relationships with (or forced relationships on) for what he was doing.

I didn’t get myself checked out after it happened. I didn’t even know what to do.
I was in a foreign country (Vancouver), and didn’t have any friends. I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t reach out for help. I was afraid of consequences because of my VISA situation. The company was seriously not being honest with their work permit paperwork, and I wasn’t fully aware of this until it was too late.
Lawhead says that she shares this now "not expecting to be able to get through the backlash, the lying, the excuses, the gaslighting happening all over again, the fanbase that might come after me because that's just what happens in games, or hearing more of 'his side of the story.'" She says that she's sharing this in a hope that "there will be information about him out there so that other women can be informed."

After Nathalie Lawhead made her post, others found the strength to speak up. Game developer, comic writer, author, and the person that was the focus of most of GamerGate's harassment, Zoe Quinn, also revealed that she was sexually abused by another developer. Quinn says that she was abused by Indie dev Alex Holowka. Holowka is perhaps best known for his work on Night in the Woods, Towerfall Ascension, and Aquaria. Quinn shares some of the extreme ways in which she was treated while visiting Holowka, including both physical and verbal abuse.

She begins by saying that this abuse from Holowka came shortly after she was sexually abused by another person. That unnamed first person threatened to have Quinn's visa status revoked if she told anybody. She notes that this story isn't about that assault as she has undergone therapy for it and that person has since come forward to apologize for everything. However, it was roughly one month after that first assault that she confided in Holowka, someone she felt "had (her) back." She says that the two would talk at length and eventually arranged for Quinn to visit Holowka in Winnipeg. They arranged for her to pay for the flight there and he would pay for the return flight. It was during this trip that the abuse from Holowka occured.

Quinn talks about how Holowka would have mood swings, how he would throw things and hurt himself and then blame Quinn for it. She says that he would, "jam his fingers inside me and walk me around the house by them when I told him it hurt." She says that she would hide in the bathroom in order to avoid another attack. She also says that she was "scared to leave" and "scared to tell anyone," saying that he would "act normal when other people were around and lay into me as soon as we were alone, then apologize and say how much he needed and loved me." Holowka repeatedly put off buying the return ticket. Quinn's roommate at the time finally got in contact with her asking if she needed help getting out. She said yes.

Quinn says that she was inspired to come forward after reading Lawhead's post.
Scott Benson, a developer that worked alongside Holowka on Night in the Woods, says that he "believes Zoe's account of Alec's actions" and that he is both "very sad and very angry."

After both Lawhead and Quinn came forward, a third developer, Adelaide Gardner, also wrote a Twitter thread that details the abuse she faced from Luc Shelton. Shelton is employed by Splash Damage, the studio that has helped on the development of games like Gears of War 4, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Gardner says, "it's been two years and every once in a while, like now, I realize I'm still terrified of him." She continues, "he's a country away and I will never see him again and he has no way of contacting me, and I'm just as scared of him as the day I left his flat for the last time."

Even still, more people are coming forward with their own stories. This includes Mary Kenney, a writer at Insomniac Games, who shared her story of being sexualy assaulted at her first convention about four years ago.

At present, no statements have been made by any of the accused.