Yes, it's based off of the TV show.
It's Always Sunny

Of all the TV shows to get a mobile game, I doubt many expected to see one from It's Always Sunny and yet here we are. It's Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile is a new Android and iOS game that tasks you with getting involved in "escalating schemes of bizarre business operations" in order to earn money. This money is earned for Frank Reynolds, who is portrayed by Danny DeVito in the TV show.

And as the name of the game implies, the core Gang is all here: Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Dee, and Frank. And yes, there are plenty of references to the classic parts of the TV series including Kitten Mittens and Dick Towels.

If you want to try the game, it's a free download from both Google Play and the App Store. If you want to watch the show, it apparently returns on September 25 for its 14th season on FXX.

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