The third game in the Lucky saga.
New Super Lucky's Tale

First, we were given Lucky's Tale VR for the Oculus Rift. It was a typical platformer that you played using your Oculus headset, giving you a very unique view of the game and environment. Then, we had Super Lucky's Tale, a non-VR sequel to the original VR title that came out for the Xbox One and Windows 10. Now, Nintendo Switch owners are about to get New Super Lucky's Tale.

New Super Lucky's Tale is a Nintendo Switch release that is a re-imagining of the original Super Lucky's Tale. It's being worked on by Playful Studios and is looking to be released later this year.

It's being billed as "the definitive Lucky experience, rebuilt from the ground up with revamped content and features."

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New Super Lucky’s Tale begins as Lucky is drawn into the magical Book of Ages, which the Guardian Order has tried to keep safe from the mysterious villain known as Jinx. On his quest to return home, Lucky will discover his own connection to the Guardians, meet a hilarious cast of friends and adversaries, and find the strength to defeat Jinx and his crafty progeny, the Kitty Litter.
What’s new in New Super Lucky’s Tale? Nearly every aspect of the original has been revamped:
  • Significant redesigns for most of the game’s levels, with new environments, layouts, puzzles, secrets, quests, creatures, minigames and more, as well as new tutorial sections.
  • New and upgraded moves like the slide and enhanced burrow, as well as more precise and responsive controls overall.
  • Fully rotatable in-game camera, immensely improving player freedom and exploration.
  • Expanded level progression system to allow players to more freely tackle stages and challenges in whichever order they choose.
  • New story cinematics, characters and dialogue from start to finish.
  • Numerous improvements to the game’s art, lighting, UI, sound, music and more.