Where do I even begin with this one?

There once existed a game console called the Intellivision. It was released first in 1979 and ran through until about 1990. Its controller consisted of some side buttons, a disc-based d-pad, and a 12 digit keypad that accepted plastic overlays for every game so that you knew what the buttons did.

For whatever reason, Intellivision is coming back as Intellivision Amico. It's slated to be released in late 2020. It still features a similar controller design to its ancestor, but instead of a 12 digit keypad, it's a touchscreen. And instead of the console being a mix of decidedly early 80s wood paneling and browns, it is now white.

You can get a look at a concept design here.

Intellivision Amico

Now, Earthworm Jim is a side-scrolling action title that debuted in the mid-90s for consoles like the SNES and Sega Genesis. It featured an earthworm named Jim who wore a robotic suit and battled all matters of evil, along with some cows. It has seen a number of sequels and even re-releases on many platforms, including the PC via Steam.

Today, it was revealed that the original Earthworm Jim team from Shiny Entertainment will be making a new, exclusive Earthworm Jim game for the Intellivision Amico. A few of the returning team members include Doug TenNapel, David Perry, and composer, musician, and co-host of Electric Playground: Tommy Tallarico.

"How can Earthworm Jim and Intellivision be related," you may ask? It's simple: Tommy Tallarico is the CEO and President of Intellivision Entertainment, the company working on the Intellivision Amico. He was also the composer and sound designer on the first two Earthworm Jim titles.

And that's how it's 2019 and I'm here telling you about a console and franchise that most have long thought to be dead literally decades ago.

Earthworm Jim hand-drawn art

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Earthworm Jim, Intellivision Entertainment is proud to announce it has gathered together and reunited the original Earthworm Jim team to create a brand new video game adventure exclusively for the upcoming Intellivision Amico home video game console. Ten of the original programmers, artists, audio team and level designers are taking part in bringing back the uniqueness and humor of the Earthworm Jim series.

To celebrate the reunion with the fans, a 20 minute live interactive simulcast streaming event will take place on Saturday, May 4th at noon pacific during the first Earthworm Jim design meeting with the original team. As part of the live simulcast, the team will engage with fans to hear their new vision firsthand, multiple original art pieces will be hand-drawn by the artists, signed by the entire team and given away to people viewing the live stream. In addition, 50 brand new posters will be signed and numbered for live chat prizes.

“We have been talking about this moment for many years, it’s a dream come true to finally get the entire team back together. We’re looking forward to sharing a small part of our reunion and initial design meeting with fans from around the world,” said Tommy Tallarico, Intellivision Entertainment CEO/President and original Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 composer and sound designer. “Intellivision Amico is designed to bring friends and families together and we are excited for fans and those just being introduced to the series to get a first look as we kick-off the design of the game.”

Earthworm Jim is just one of the many new titles that will be coming to Intellivision Amico. Voted “Game of the Year” in 1994, the last time the Earthworm Jim team worked together was in the follow up award-winning hit sensation Earthworm Jim 2 (released in 1995). Original team members including Doug TenNapel, David Perry, Tommy Tallarico, Nick Bruty, Mike Dietz, Tom Tanaka and Joey Kuras all went on to create their own highly successful companies, technology, video games, TV shows, comic books, albums, movies, graphic novels and world touring live events.

About Intellivision Amico: Intellivision Amico, launching October 10, 2020, is a home video game console designed to bring social fun back to the living room. Amico is the Italian word for “friend” or “buddy” and Intellivision Amico encapsulates this meaning fully with a home entertainment system that has multiplayer, togetherness at its core. All new games as well as reimagined classics coming to the system invite up to eight to play using easy to use controllers and even mobile phones. Designed to appeal to a broad audience from nostalgic gamers to families, all titles will be rated E for Everyone or E10+ making it a great addition to everyone’s home. For more information, visit