World War Z

A new trailer for World War Z was released today alongside the opening of pre-orders for the game. As we said numerous times before, World War Z is a co-op shooter that is inspired by the film of the same name, which itself is based off of the superior book of the same name from Max Brooks.

World War Z is out April 16, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store (affiliate link).

Powered by Saber’s dynamic Swarm Engine™, World War Z unleashes hundreds of fast-moving, bloodthirsty zombies at a time for a one-of-a-kind action experience. Choose from six distinct classes and an arsenal of deadly weapons, explosives, turrets and traps. Outlive the dead through intense four-player co-op campaign missions around the world, and battle both zombies and real human opponents in competitive, team-based Players vs. Players vs. Zombies (PvPvZ) multiplayer.