Halo 5 Guardians

According to a new report from Jeuxvideo.com, Microsoft may bring one of their high-profile franchises to the Nintendo Switch. The problem is, they don't really state which franchise they may bring over. Right now, they currently suggest that it could be an entry from the Forza franchise, or Halo, or even Gears of War. They also don't know if it would be a port of an older title, a new title, or a port of an Xbox One title.

It is also being suggested that Rare titles could find their way to the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps Rare Replay? So far, this is all just rumor and may not happen at all.

What they have confirmed, and you may have already heard of this by now, is that Microsoft is bringing some of their "smaller" games to the Switch in the very near future. Specifically, they confirmed that Ori and the Blind Forest plus Cuphead are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In addition to this, they have also confirmed that over 100 Xbox titles are coming to the Switch via the Xbox Game Pass subscription service and/or via their upcoming xCloud streaming service.

Sadly, for those still expecting to hear about Scalebound finding life in the Nintendo Switch, you'll just have to keep waiting. Jeuxvideo received no mention of this happening during their multi-month investigation.