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No matter how great it is on its own, a console is nothing without good games. And as fresh and flexible as the Nintendo Switch may be as a piece of hardware, it is still its software that defines it. The last 2 years have seen a constant release of AAA blockbusters, indie hits, and everything in between. With that in mind, take a look at the best titles that have come to the Switch so far, all available to download or buy right now, for yourself or that special gamer close to your heart.

Hollow Knight by Team Cherry
In Hollow Knight, you will be placed in the middle of a map slowly stretching out, gradually revealing its scale as you gain new abilities. These include negotiating increasingly difficult pitfalls and see you able to take on progressively more barbarous foes as you go along. There are secrets around each corner, and the sense of satisfaction from backtracking to a location previously inaccessible once you're armed with the requisite skills is immense. Perhaps comparable only to lining up the winning combination of symbols for one of the online pokies NZ has to offer?

Hollow Night stands apart from its Metroidvania counterparts thanks to its distinctive art style, depicting a mysterious underground city populated by beautifully rendered bugs. Its nod to the influence of the Dark Souls series is a factor in its greatness as well. Expect the difficult boss fights and strangely detached inhabitants of the subterranean world to make for a great gaming experience.

and Eevee is essentially a reinterpretation of the Pokemon Yellow
Octopath Traveller from Square Enix

Square Enix developed Octopath Travelera little old-school