Forza Motorsport 7
A big change is coming to Forza Motorsport 7. Studio head of Turn 10 Alan Hartman revealed that they are working to remove the loot box "prize crates" from Forza 7. He also notes that there will not be any paid tokens in either Forza Motorsport 7 or Forza Horizon 4.

The problem here is that due to how integrated the loot box system is to the overall progression in Forza 7, it will take some time to remove them. That is to say, the removal won't take place until the Winter update for the game.

Here is what Hartman has to say about this decision to remove the loot boxes.

That's some fantastic news there. Ina ddition to this, the team is working to continue adding some new features to Forza Motorsport 7 including the usual bug fixes and PC performance tweaks. He also notes that the game has added in some new features like test drive for multiplayer, panning focus for the Photo Mode, better paint tools, and more. They also released some free cars from manufacturers like Porsche, Honda, and Ford.