The money-making factsestimated 42% of all gaming profitsInvestment is the key

One of the main reasons why games developed for phones and devices are doing so well is because of the investment required. With brand new gaming consoles on the market selling for hundreds of dollars, and the games themselves making yet more investment before you even play a level, the initial outlay is a barrier to many. However, the ubiquity of the mobile phoneThe benefits of portability

Of course, the greatest advantage that mobile games have over the more expensive consoles and PCs is their portability. Fans of mobile gaming can check into SportPesa Casino Online for fun on the go, and immediately start a round of blackjack or a few spins of the roulette table. Compare that with static consoles and PCs, where you have to be in your gaming space and dedicate time to get your money's worth. However, this is not to mean that we are witnessing the death of the console. Far from it in fact, as the gaming industry continues to grow across the board, with handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and newly appointed Nintendo Switch still going strong.

The key thing to take away from the ongoing battle between mobile games and console gaming is that they are both becoming incredibly influential, however, for different reasons. Although mobile gaming looks set to become the platform of choice for the majority of games designers, those companies that make efforts to combine the two platforms are the ones most likely to win in the battle of the gaming world.