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Playing video games on a mobile device is not every gamer's idea of a good time, but there are plenty of people who enjoy mobile gaming. The industry is constantly growing, and why should it not?

The comfort of playing mobile games is one that provides entertainment and a way to pass the time. Add the fact that mobile video games are improving on a regular basis, and it is pretty clear why the pastime is not disappearing but rather growing.

Of course, the default setup is not necessarily enough to have the best mobile gaming experience you can.

If you have been thinking about ways to change the way you play mobile games, then this article should come in quite handy. Make the most out of the tips mentioned below.

Use a Virtual Private Network

Let's start with a suggestion that is not so obvious. Sometimes, you might experience some latency issues while playing, and that could be related to the internet connection.

Optimizing the Wi-Fi is not that easy, particularly if you have no option to upgrade it because of your ISP. Of course, there might be some third-party peripherals jamming the signal, but even eliminating them might not solve issues.

No, turning to a virtual private network is one of the possible solutions. It helps you with more than just security and privacy. You can change your IP and access geo-restricted content.

Sometimes, the issue stems from your location, and you can trick the services with the help of a VPN. Learning how to use vpn on iphone smartphones or other smartphones and tablets is not that difficult.

Optimize the Device's Performance

The mobile gaming experience depends on the overall device performance. It is no secret that mobile games consume quite a lot of resources, particularly if we are talking about demanding mobile games.

First of all, you want to make sure that there are no redundant background applications. If you do not need an app, quit it properly.

Storage issues might also be worth looking into. Mobile devices are not that great when it comes to total available storage, and the issue becomes more obvious once you add mobile games.

Overall, you might take some time to optimize the mobile device, but you need to understand how important it is. Just like you would maintain a gaming console or a computer in good condition, the same thing applies to a smartphone or tablet.

Try Different Game Genres

The gaming industry for mobile devices is rich in the sense that you have a plethora of different options. Thus, whenever you feel like you are exhausted with current options and want to do something else, there might be more to mobile games than you expect.

Different mobile game genres are there for you to explore. Sure, some players have specific preferences. Racing, sports, puzzles, arcade, educational, and other mobile game genres have their demographics, but you also need to realize that trying something out of your comfort zone is an opportunity to experience new things.

It would be a waste not to try more mobile games, particularly if you have a solid internet connection that lets you download mobile games without too much delay.

Connect External Accessories

External accessories might seem like a bit of a stretch for mobile gaming, but there are plenty of examples of how someone can turn their mobile device into a proper gaming setup by introducing a couple of accessories.

Some of the best examples include a gaming mouse and keyboard. Even though most mobile games rely on players using the touchscreen, there is no need to limit yourself to just that.

Controllers manufactured specifically for mobile devices are also a thing. And in case you have a habit of installing too many mobile games simultaneously, then you will need an external storage accessory. Finally, you can improve the performance of your device by adding extra external memory.

Increase the Screen's Size

A smartphone does not have that large of a screen, which is not ideal for gaming. Tablets are a bit better in this regard, but even they do not really provide a large enough screen to enjoy gaming to the fullest.

Connecting a mobile device to a computer monitor or a TV is not that hard, and you can enjoy mobile gaming this way. On the other hand, it might be another idea that feels over the top. If nothing else, you can try it and see how it is.

Keep the Apps and Device Updated

The last bit of advice is about updating the mobile device and mobile games you play. The latter is quite obvious since the game developers push new versions with performance updates and fresh content.

As for the operating system updates, they also help with the performance of the device. After all, you are less likely to have a good gaming experience on a smartphone or tablet that is missing OS updates and struggles to perform optimally.