Today's release of Starship Corporation from Iceberg Interactive and Coronado Games sees the release of one of the few "4D" games. Sadly, you won't be bending spacetime to your every whim. However, you will instead experience a game that lets you Develop, Design, Deal, and Deliver (get it?) their own intergalactic starships.
Starship Corporation is a complex and in-depth starship-builder simulation game, in which players must design, assemble and test spaceships, in a bid to build a supreme Galactic mega-corporation. Gain your reputation by engineering and selling your own spacecraft, testing them to the limit in RTS simulated emergency and combat situations.

I'll hit you up with that tasty launch trailer before giving you the rest of the game's "key features." You can pick the game up through Steam for 15% off of its normal price of $19.99 (USD) until May 10.


Key Features: