I guess adorable roguelike games are the new "in" thing today? Because I also just received word that Son of a Witch will be released on May 16, 2018 and it is also an adorable looking roguelike game that is coming to Steam. This one is developed by Bigosaur and has been in development for about three years now. The developer has been taking advice from the Early Access community to fine tune the game ahead of its official release.

Today's announcement also includes a launch trailer for the game.
Son of a Witch recalls the compulsive replay-ability of your favorite roguelikes but wraps it all in a charming package, making it a lot more welcoming to a wide range of gamers than your standard fare. But don't let the cutesy graphics fool you: Son of a Witch offers deep mechanics that reward constant experimentation and learning. Son of a Witch boasts over 120 unique weapons and items to discover. Players will only find a small section of these in each run, meaning the game is completely different every single time you play. There are also 7 playable characters with wildly different skill sets and abilities, over 20 bosses to beat, and 30 pet animals to find.

Bigosaur has promised to continue to deliver gameplay improvements and additions "well past its launch date." Milan Babuskov, the game's creator, says that he has a lot of additional content planned. These include more items, weapons, pets, mounts, NPC quests, heroes, and bosses that will come in future updates.

Son of a Witch looks like it will allow for up to four players for some co-op fun times. The current Early Access price on Steam is just $19.99 (USD).


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