Digimon, those lovable digital monsters, ushers in a new game release on iOS and Android today. Digimon Links offers players 3 vs 3 turn-based battles using 3D models of your favorite picks from the Digimon cinematic universe.
DIGIMON LINKS features three elements: farm, battle and co-op battles. Farms serve as a base for Digimon to develop, and allow players to create an infrastructure to train their digital monsters. The battle system features 3-versus-3 combat against other player-trained Digimon. With co-op battles, players form groups of up to three members to wage online battles to take down powerful Digimon foes. Teamwork and strategy is key as players develop necessary skillsets to lead their Digimon teams to victory.

It looks like the game is free-to-play but it does contain ads and offers in-app purchases (IAP).