Sony announced their free games coming this August to PlayStation Plus subscribers. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita owners will all have a little something to enjoy this month courtesy of games like Just Cause 3, Downwell, and more.
Full lineup:

PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America will also get to experience some lovely $0.99 (USD) rentals from the PlayStation Store. Each week there will be a new rental for you to check out at that low price and you can watch them through the console or the PlayStation Video app for iOS and Android.


An open beta for Dreadnaught begins on August 1. All PS Plus subs will get the Ravensood Plus Pack for free.

Starting tomorrow, July 27, PlayStation Plus members will be able to play Doom for free until the 30th. This time period also includes a 50% off sale of the full game until August 3.