Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told Time that the NES Classic sold 2.3 million units before the company decided to piss off a lot of would-be consumers and cease production.
"We had originally planned for this to be a product for last holiday. We just didn't anticipate how incredible the response would be. Once we saw that response, we added shipments and extended the product for as long as we could to meet more of that consumer demand."

The demand constantly outweighed the supply, much to the delight of scalpers. So why did Nintendo pull the console when they did?
"Even with that extraordinary level of performance, we understand that people are frustrated about not being able to find the system, and for that we really do apologize," he said. "But from our perspective, it's important to recognize where our future is and the key areas that we need to drive. We've got a lot going on right now and we don't have unlimited resources."