Twitch Will Soon Add New Perks for Partners Including $10 and $25 Subscription Options


  • Twitch Will Soon Add New Perks for Partners Including $10 and $25 Subscription Options

    An email that just went out today from Twitch suggests that the company is testing out some new perks for their Partners. These perks include new $9.99 (USD) and $24.99 subscription tiers in addition to the $4.99 monthly subscription that currently exists for all Partners.

    The email seems to be rather vague in what it actually means to subscribe at the two higher tiers, including whether or not those higher prices result in additional months of subscriber benefits or if they are monthly fees like the $4.99 subscription is currently.

    The email also suggests that Partners will more easily unlock new emote tiers in order to add more emotes to their channel. At present, Partners have to climb through 14 tiers of subscriber milestones to unlock new emote slots for their channel. With the new system that was talked about, these 14 tiers become 50 tiers, making it easier to unlock those slots. In addition, users that subscribe for $4.99 will still count as one subscriber, the $9.99 subscription counts as two subscribers, and the $24.99 subscription counts as six subscribers, allowing Partners to climb tiers faster as more people purchase the more expensive subscriptions.

    Twitch's email also notes that Partners will be able to lock exclusive emotes behind the higher priced subscriber tiers. That means that the $9.99 tier could have access to emotes that the $4.99 tier does not have access to. Similarly, the $24.99 tier will presumably have access to their own exclusive emotes plus those emotes in the lower tiers. This, of course, means that Partners have to make the decision to lock certain emotes behind certain subscription tiers, something that may drive away some of their fans.

    The leaked email that has started to spread around Twitter, can be found below. As of the time of this writing, Twitch Partners are not allowed to talk about this yet.

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