Are Internet Games a Viable Option to Earn Cash Online?Serious Casino Games Which Are Absolute Money-Spinners
That brings us to the aspect of serious casino games which are absolute money-spinners in the true sense of the term. And as common sense says, such games are more skillful and the players need to be very serious in their approach and should ideally be at the top of their games to reap a real benefit out of the game. Since the return is high, players tend to bet a large sum of money which is at the same time rewarding as well as risky. As articulated in an article previously, the return on a game depends upon 3 vital factors:
  • Return to Player: One of the key concepts in betting is the Return to Player factor. This is basically the percentage of wagered money that the player gets on winning. This is calculated on a per machine basis and is a determinant factor to select the profitability of playing a particular game. Typically onlineHit Frequency%: This is another factor which greatly determines the profitability of playing a game. This is basically the no. of times a slot machine will throw up winning bounties for a player. For e.g. a slot machine of 20% Hit Frequency will stop on the winning combination once in every 5 spins. Typically the values range between 10-30% for online slots. It is to be noted that higher hit frequency machines do not necessarily guarantee a big win always. It also depends on the RTP and the cumulative bet amount being placed.
  • Setting the Bet Amount: The player has to be judicious enough to decide on the Unit Bet Amount per Pay Line and the no. of Pay lines to bet on.

The Amalgamation of Experience and Skills
The above 3 factors play a vital role in the outcome of the game in terms of each spin and require a great deal of experience and skill to analyze each machine and do a predictive analysis of the outcome of the game being played. Typically online casino slots give you an RTP ratio of 95-97%. Skilled players often maximize the same to over 100%. Therefore it is only over the longer span of time, that a player gets to break even and playing online casinos become beneficial.

What Are the Other Gaming Options?
Apart from Casinos, there are multiple games which do throw up some money even in the shorter span of time. A typical example would be various Fantasy Leagues played during various international cricket tournaments as well as during tournaments of other popular sports. Even online Card Games like Rummy or Poker played online do churn out some cash which is quite a handful.

However, none is more rewarding and entertaining than slots to play for real here which are nonetheless more popular than other online games. Online casinos can indeed be game changers regarding earning money provided that a player has the right amount of skill and luck and is ready to play in the long run ushering in enough money and enough entertainment.