As part of a recent TED Talk about the abuse of women online, actor Ashley Judd dedicated a segment of her 15 minute talk towards the hypocrisy of the gaming industry. She began by talking about the abuse she endures every day online simply for being a woman. She explained the effects the abuse has had on her and offered up insight on the trauma many women endure every day online.

Judd says that she has periodically been the target of a "cyber mob" that has sent her countless rape and death threats. It has gotten to the point where she had to get someone to go through and scrub her feed for her so she doesn't have to read it herself. This is when she specifically mentioned misogyny in the gaming industry and GamerGate, the harassment group that was created solely for the purposes of harassment and hate.

She said that "profiteering off misogyny in video games must end."

Judd says that the abuse that women and girls face online is damaging to them "personally, economically, professionally, and politically."

(via Polygon)