Marty O'Donnell, the composer that crafted the iconic soundtracks for games like the Halo franchise and parts of Destiny, has won his legal battle against Bungie. Today's ruling by a court-appointed arbitrator says that Bungie must honor its agreements made with O'Donnell that gave him the right to hold a "considerable share of stock in the company." Today's ruling also sheds some light on what O'Donnel, Activision, and Bungie all went through during the development of Destiny.

How much O'Donnell was awarded was not disclosed. However, it was revealed that the first payment for O'Donnell is for $142,500 (USD) for his work done in 2014. O'Donnell is now allowed to publish any of the music he created for Destiny unless he is given permission from the current copyright owners. Today's ruling is on top of the related case of O'Donnell suing Bungie in order to recover unpaid overtime wages. In that ruling, he was awarded $95,000.

O'Donnell recorded a major eight movement suite back in early 2013 for the Destiny franchise. O'Donnell worked with people like Paul McCartney to create Music of the Spheres.

The arbitrator ruled that O'Donnell's rights as a shareholder be restored back on July 1, 2014 when shareholders converted their Series B-1 and B-2 preferred stock into common stock. Bungie and their lawyers argued that O'Donnell would be a "bothersome presence at board meetings and in the company."

The value of the stock isn't known since Bungie isn't a publicly traded company. O'Donnell is simply required to return any Bungie property that was not gifted to him and Music of the Spheres, which O'Donnell has already done. An appeal by Bungie on the ruling has already been denied. Marty O'Donnell is currently leading his own studio, Highwire Games.

(via Fortune)