Game Informer's cover story for July is for none other than Halo 5. Some details have started to emerge about the game's story and multiplayer components as a result of this coverage. In addition, some new screenshots were also released, all of which can be found below.
StoryChief dreaming
- Your teammates can revive you, even in single player.
- You can command them to do a bunch of things such as target specific enemies, pick up specific weapons, use a turret etc.
- There will be multiple ways to complete a mission. In the example you could kill everyone, enable some turrets to help you out, go find a generator and destroy it etc.
- There will be multiple side routes so it won't be completely linear, as in you can sneak through a vent Deus Ex style and go a different route.
- Locke's team has a Artermis Tracking System (ATS). (Visor mode?)
- Difficulty scales by the Number of Players.
- Chief has to deal with the loss of Cortana from 4 and the 'ghost of Cortana' in 5
- Has alternate paths in campaign levels
- In coop each player is a different member of Blue Team, and players start with different loadouts, plus the final game will have different huds for each character
- Split screen not supported
- Xbox Live Gold for online co-op not needed.


Whoa, it's Buck from ODST!