If you manage to finish Crypt of the NecroDancer once, you can look forward to playing Newgame+. Finish it twice and you can get your hands on Newgame++. Included in both Newgame+ and Newgame++ are two remixed soundtracks to enjoy.
Finish the game once and you'll get a new soundtrack from A_Rival, the producer from the EDM trio Super Square, who ignites dance floors with hardcore, club-rocking tracks infused with a nerd-inspired retro feel. His solo work draws inspiration from big name party rockers such as Feed Me, Will Sparks and Deadmau5.

Finish twice and get FamilyJules7X's soundtrack. FamilyJules7x, or Jules Conroy, is a metal guitarist and arranger from Massachusetts. He has covered almost 500 video game songs on the guitar for his YouTube channel FamilyJules7x after doing weekly cover videos for three years.

Crypt of the NecroDancer leaves Early Access and enters into a full release on April 23 on Steam.