Last night, ABC's Nightline aired interviews with Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, Tim Schafer, and others in a segment they called, "What It Feels Like to be a Gamergate Target."

The segment, seen here (or here in a text-based format) does also include some discussion of how women are portrayed in a number of games. Beyond that, the segment largely focuses on harassment of women who play games and the growing market of women who play and purchase games.

Tim Schafer weighs in on how the industry has been and continues to change.
"Once you've sat down and tried to play a game with your daughter and tried to find games where she can play a character that she identifies with, you start to feel bad about not putting that option in your own game," Schafer said.

If you're surprised to learn that the harassment against people in the gaming industry continues to this day, you aren't alone.

Even with all this going on, so many developers and publishers remain silent.