California judge, Judge Edward Chen, said today that the class-action lawsuit can proceed against Sony Computer Entertainment for false advertising when it comes to Killzone: Shadow Fall back in 2013. Lead plaintiff, Douglas Ladore, says that the company lied about the graphics quality for Killzone in its marketing, press releases, and public statements. The lawsuit makes the claim that Sony advertised the game to run at full 1080p resolution, but anybody who has paid attention to the controversy about the game's multiplayer will know that may not technically be 100% true.

The multiplayer for the game runs at 960x1080 resolution. This is in contrast to the single player portion of the game that runs at a "full 1920x1080" resolution. Now, the real question here is just how far the definition of "full 1080p" resolution will go. One hand says that 960x1080 isn't really 1080p, but the other says that 1080p still means you're getting 1,080 horizontal lines of resolution, which the game does deliver.

Sony wanted the case dismissed but Judge Chen denied them that.
"The substantial majority of the arguments Sony raises in its motion to dismiss can be rejected for two simple reasons - either Sony's arguments ignore important factual allegations that are well pleaded in Ladore's complaint, or Sony's arguments require this court to construe the complaint in the light most favorable to Sony, rather than Ladore, who is entitled to the benefit of all reasonable inferences at this stage of the proceedings."

(via Courthouse News; Full PDF of the ruling can be found here)