Throughout the day, users noticed that many new and upcoming Ubisoft titles started to disappear from Steam. The disappearance started in the UK but has since spread to other regions throughout the world.

Games like Assassin's Creed Unity, The Crew, and Far Cry 4 no longer have store entries on Steam. Right now, nobody seems to know if this is being done intentionally by Ubisoft or if it's an issue just with Steam. A look at SteamDB shows a rather interesting back and forth with these games throughout the day.

Earlier, when the games disappeared from Steam in the UK, PCGamesN was told by Ubisoft that people can purchase the games from Uplay instead.

If this is an issue where Ubisoft is pulling their games from Steam in order to push Uplay, I can't imagine any scenario where that actually works out in their benefit. Then again, poor sales of the PC versions of their games could be used in the future to just not make a PC version at all. So, who knows! Again, it's all just speculation at this point on what is really going on.