After about a year of exclustivity on the Xbox One, Ryse: Son of Rome is out now for the PC.
In Ryse: Son of Rome, players assume the role of Marius Titus and guide the young soldier to the furthest reaches of the Empire to claim revenge for his slain family. Along the way, Marius must strike finishing blows in bloody battles, climb the ranks of the army as a fearless leader, and discover the true meaning of vengeance. Ryse also features cooperative online multiplayer action, in which fellow gladiators can fight side by side as crowds bay for blood and waves of enemies seek their demise.

The game also includes the four DLC packs that came out for the Xbox One, which adds a bunch of new maps to the game's multiplayer mode, Survival mode, and five new skills. You can check out the game's launch trailer below.

The game seems to run quite well and looks quite nice. The gameplay is a bit questionable but it's a lot better than I expected it to be. You can check it out for yourself on Steam for $39.99 (USD).