Sony detailed some of the new create tools and gameplay features that will be included in LittleBigPlanet 3.

Customizable HeroesThe Blaster HandleDynamic Thermometer and Deep Layers
Using our brand new Dynamic Thermometer functionality, the LBP create thermometer is now more flexible than ever. This will allow for created levels to be massively bigger than ever before and even have much greater depth since a creator can now make use of up to 16 playable layers with some rather neat new gameplay objects to help our heroes transition between multiple layers instantaneously.

Touch CreateCreate More Expansive Adventures
Using our new adventure creation tools, you can now make your very own Adventure Maps filled with levels containing fun and exciting quests that can be tracked across the entire Adventure using the new Organisertron quest tracker!

The Sack Pocket
Whilst playing adventures and completing quests, you will be able to collect power-ups that Sackboy can add to his personal inventory, the Sack Pocket! Using the Sack Pocket, you can quickly equip and use these power-ups at any time during your home-made adventures!

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