According to reports from Sankei Web the Osaka police force raided Square Enix's main office in Tokyo due to copyright infringement accusations from SNK Playmore.

SNK Playmore claims that Square Enix is infringing on their intellectual properties. SNK Playmore says that Square's "popular arcade manga, 'High Score Girl'" uses assets from SNK Playmore.
At the end of the book, the name of SNK's games marked with several companies as well as other copyright marks (that are) often used in copyright notice.

SNK Playmore says that they were made aware of the infringement in the Summer of 2013 when its production company contacted them asking if Square Enix was authorized to use their characters and music. SNK Playmore had filed their lawsuit against Square Enix this past May.

I am also well aware that the above image doesn't show an SNK game from the manga. I'm not going hunting for it and that image was readily available.