ArenaNet has revealed the first details on Guild Wars 2's first-ever Feature Pack for the MMO. This update includes the new megaserver system, new traits, new wardrobe options, new PvP rewards, and general updates to the game itself.
Megaserver System: ArenaNet's megaserver technology is designed to intelligently bring players together to enrich the open world experience of Guild Wars 2. This system dynamically opens and closes maps to accommodate player activity while bringing players from different home worlds together. As part of these exciting changes, ArenaNet is restructuring the schedules of its open world boss encounters and allowing guilds to kick off the most challenging events to be found in the world of Guild Wars 2.

Traits Unleashed:Account Wardrobe: The Account Wardrobe system makes it easy to customize the look of all your characters by sharing cosmetic items across your entire account. Every skin you unlock in Guild Wars 2 will now be accessible to each and every character on your account. Additionally, dyes will become account unlocks, making it simpler than ever to find just the right shade for every character.

PvP Reward Tracks and Gear Unification: As part of the Wardrobe system, the idea of PvP weapons and armor will go away. Each player will keep their look consistent across PvE and PvP, although players will continue to be on a statistically even playing field in competitive PvP. As part of this update, ArenaNet is introducing PvP Reward Tracks, which allow players to choose which rewards they're working towards. These rewards can be anything from dungeon weapons and armor sets to region-specific drops from Tyria, and even the building blocks of Legendary weapons.

Social, Balance, and Account Updates:

A big ol' pile of screenshots from this Feature Pack update can be seen below. If you would like more detailed information, check out the handy April 2014 Feature Pack update hub on the Guild Wars 2 website.

The Feature Pack update was released today for all owners of the game.