Alien: Isolation is Creative Assembly's upcoming survival horror title that obviously takes place in the Alien universe. In a recent interview with PCGH, the team talked about some of the advantages the PC version will have over the console versions.
Different platforms afford different advantages. Modern PCs with high-spec graphics cards cannot be beaten for shear raw power. What this translates into are higher resolutions and frame rates, which are always good. Also we can afford to scale assets (geometric, textural, animation, etc.) to take advantage of the extra fidelity. With higher resolution and more raw power available tessellation can occur earlier. Shadow algorithms can also be more realistic.

Many full screen effects can be refined due to the available power, for example ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing techniques, motion blur and depth of field and high resolution multi-monitor support can only be achieved by utilizing the GPU power available on the modern PC platform. We're also looking at support for 4k resolution for the best fidelity possible.

They also mention how the game will be able to scale quite nicely on a variety of hardware.
Our engine scales very well with multiple cores. Certainly I can confirm that more cores will increase the performance, if you don't get limited by GPU performance! We have a generalized job system with priorities and dependencies. All of our code uses this. This means, for instance, that if an AI routine can run simultaneously alongside a rendering routine then it 'just will' if the opportunity arises.

Also of note here is that the team is considering the use of Mantle and while they do not use PhysX, they do say that their physics solution is "highly multi-threaded."