A former Korean professional League of Legends player, Pimir, wrote a "goodbye" letter moments before attempting suicide. In the letter, he revealed that the team's manager, Noh, forced the team to throw matches in order to win a variety of gambling bets. Yes, he was betting against his own team.

The manager threatened the team with pulled sponsorships if the team did not agree to throw the matches he ordered them to. The problem is, Pimir's note said that those sponsorships didn't really exist. Noh said that their practice computers were a part of the sponsorship and would be taken away if they didn't keep throwing matches. Noh repeatedly exploited the kids he managed for his own gains, even going so far as to make up these sponsorships in order to use them as deterrents for going against his wishes.

Eventually, the team grew weary of throwing matches. When this happened Noh had indeed taken their practice computers away. As noted, the computers were not part of any sponsorship but were actually sold off by Noh to help recover lost funds when the team refused to throw a match.

This entire situation took a toll on Pimir. He felt as though his professional life was over due to this scandal, the lack of owed payments from Noh, and from not performing as well as he knew he could in later matches.

As previously mentioned, Pimir wrote his note (seen translated below, in full) prior to his suicide attempt. It was revealed that he had jumped out of a 12 story building and survived. He is presently in "critical condition" after being in a coma from his attempted suicide. Authorities are reportedly looking for Noh.
Hello everyone, I am former LoL pro Pimir. I was on ahq Korea, also known as ahq K Promise. I also used names such as patience/AD Pimir etc. My death note is on my face book and i will be gone 5 minutes after i post this so proof that its really pimir will be on my kakaotalk and facebook.

I am writing on inven today to tell you about game fixing well since im gonna be gone soon. Conclusion first. Me and Actscene (another ahq korea player) were only ones who were actually involved in the game fixings and other teammates kenw about it after the games. Purpose of Game Fixing: Manager Noh's Toto -toto is korean illegal betting on sports games including LoL Timeframe: 2013 Lol Champs Spring Manager Noh told the teammates taht if we don't lose to big teams (KT, CJ etc), Ongamenet threatened the team that they would not be able to play in the playoffs. Obviously its a lie but we knew about it afterwrds. Manager Noh told all of us, and Hoon said he won't be a part of it. Manager Noh called me and Actscene later that night, and we believed him so we would put game fixing to action. Game Fixing vs KTB game 1 and 2 vs CJF game 1 and 2 if you look at all four games you will see that we gave first blood in all of teh games. game against KT, we were losing then we came back. We knew we could win the game, but in my mind we had to lose. The calls over voice and Manager Noh's voices kept on coming into my mind and I was confused the fuck out of myself. I thought this is fucking mad and they won. Game 2 vs KT, was not fixed we couldnt win at all.

When we were playing CJ, manager Noh threatened that if you win a game here, AHQ will be DQd from LoLChamps. In game vs KT, as a professional player, obvsly I wanted to win and did so. However, in game vs CJ, the threat made me realize that all my effort in becoming a pro will be useless if I win this game. I purposely didnt deal damage in team fights, flashed and ezreal E'd forward to be killed etc. We beat CJ in the morning of the game day in a scrim as well, with the exact same team comp they used in the OGN game. Hoon and I carreid the scrim. after the game, I told Hoon about the whole thing and Hoon was already having conflicts with the Manager. He said there's something off about him and because he's had long career as a professional gamer already, I guess he had senses to realize werid things the manager was doing. Why Manager Noh told us to Fix Games When we first made the team, AHQ didnt actually sponsor us in cash. THey just gave us gaming gear and the team name. Manager Noh borrowed money for our living costs, housing, computer, our pay etc. Players didnt know about this and learned about it later. He was going to play illegal sports gambling by fixing games to pay back all the borrowed money + make profits. I will mention my skype convo with actual AHQ person later for proof.

When we told teammates that game fixing happend and how Noh reacted. Because every teammate knew, we talked to manager noh after our game against SKT. He told us that we should lose vs Najin 2:0 later that week, make shitton of money and GTFO from pro scene. We told him that we arent interested in Toto gambling and we wont do it. Even at this point we didnt know that AHQ didnt sponsor us and when we came back to the living quarters after the Najin game, 3 computers were sold and he was clearing the house. He said he couldnt pay the rent and the apt said we should leave. That we would lose gas, electricity and water (even though it was Manager Noh who tried to cut them off on his own unsuccessfully). We had Lg game coming up so we said we will stay at the living quarters until the LG game. We asked why he sold our practice omputters and Noh said AHQ is demanding money from the team. WHen i talked to actual management from AHQ in Taiwan later, none of this ever happened and they never gave them computers either. Also they never gave any of the gaming gear to manager Noh but the players themselves. I asked if we cuold keep rest of the gear for practice and he said for sure. Noh was selling our practice computers so he could pay off the deb and run. So after our next game againt Najin, we told him we are going to leave the team. We are going to get paid for the months that he hasnt paid us. Noh told us taht I cant give you the money right now and that he will instead not take the 50% commission of the prize money if AHQ were to win. Entire team already knew from talking to management in Taiwan that Noh was lying, that AHQ never sponsored cash, and the computers hes selling are not AHQs so why is he trying to pay back money to AHQ?

Noh lied that AHQ had rights to prize moneys and that he has to pay them although we already kenw he was lying out of his ass. We gave him evidence that we knew he was lying but he woul just argue its not true. After 2~3 hours of arguing we agreed that Noh would pay back the pay we've missed over the months and tha the wouldnt touch the prize money from OGN. We couldnt practice for a week because of this and played vsLg IM game, and Najin eventaually won. We couldve done better and I knew I couldve done better but thanks to this my pro life was over and all i had left was feeling of emptiness after practicign to my best for a year.

3 line conclusion Im not in this world after 5 minutes AHQ korea was a team made by Noh to make money off illegal gambling, teammates didnt know and we had to fix games because of this. AHQ Taiwan never sponsored korean team and was a lie. I am sorry for all of this and I cant tell you everything but I am leaving now as I cant deal with this anymore.

This comes via a Reddit posting. A bit more information can also be found at NeoGAF.