The Xbox One typically retails for $499 (USD). That price includes the system, Kinect, controller, and headset.

Today, Microsoft announced the special Titanfall Xbox One bundle. This bundle includes the Xbox One system, Kinect, controller, headset, a month of Xbox Live Gold, and a copy of Titanfall. The price? $499.

Yes, you can look at this as the Xbox One receiving a price reduction of $60 or you can look at it like you're getting Titanfall for free. Keep in mind that however you look at it, the Xbox One came out just three months ago now in North America. Three months of early adopters missing out on a free $60, highly anticipated title.

The bundle itself will be available on March 11 and apparently sold in limited quantities. However, you can pre-order the bundle right now from the Microsoft Store, Amazon, and (I would assume) other major retailers.