This may be one of the most mysterious and intriguing game reveals I've seen in a while. Frictional Games has revealed Soma. Soma is defined as "the body of an individual as contrasted with the mind or psyche." That definition may help you to better understand the game's title and the "Mockingbird" video seen below.


Quarantine Discontinued #4017 - Back to work

Video log secured -

[begin text transmission]

The UH3 - Mockingbird has gone silent and been disassembled. The official report confirms it only mimicked human behavior, so please stop spreading dangerous rumors.


Dr Chun, if you still want the mem-capsule. Reed said you can come by and pick it up.

[end text transmission]

The above is all that I received with this press release. Initial thoughts are that Frictional Games is going to offer up their own take on SCP with Soma.

There was another video that apparently came out when our site was still down for a while. The "Vivarium" video can be found below.