A number of Remote Play Together games are now on sale via Steam.
Steam Remote Play Together

Valve just officially launched a new feature for Steam today. They're calling it Remote Play Together and it's a new feature that allows you to enjoy some remote local co-op play. Even better is the fact that this allows users on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android to all play a game together!

Valve says that up to four players (or more in ideal situations) can instantly join up to play a game together. Only the host needs to own and install the game. The other players will connect through Steam Remote Play and through the power of streaming technology, they can play games with their friends. This is accomplished by using the Steam client on PCs, or Steam Chat and Steam Link apps on mobile devices.

More information from Valve can be found at the Remote Play information page. Valve also has a number of streams going on that showcase a number of Remote Play Together titles that are currently on sale. You can find those streams on the Remote Play Together sale page.

This sale and event runs from now through November 25 at 10AM (PT). There are literally hundreds of games on sale for this event.