TmarTn and ProSyndicate have gotten away with little more than a stern warning after it was discovered that they were promoting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling sites to minors. Specifically, they were promoting CS:GO gambling sites that they owned to minors, without any sort of disclosure. The two had paid other, unnamed, YouTubers anywhere between $2,500 (USD) and $55,000 to promote their sites.

Well, the FTC has investigated and surprise, surprise, the two will face no penalties for their actions. Oh, but don't worry too much. The FTC said that in the future they will require proper disclosure from the two and will enforce violations. They will also incur a fine of $40,654 per infraction, but only for future infractions.
"The goal of the FTC isn't to be a punitive or draconian agency," FTC spokesperson Mitchell J. Katz told Rolling Stone. "We are here to educate consumers about new markets."

"Consumers need to know when social media influencers are being paid or have any other material connection to the brands endorsed in their posts," FTC exec Maureen Ohlhausen stated.

"This action, the FTC's first against individual influencers, should send a message that such connections must be clearly disclosed so consumers can make informed purchasing decisions."

If anybody is surprised at what amounts to something that isn't even a slap on the wrist, why? Did you actually expect anything to happen? I guess TmarTn using his dog for sympathy really paid off.

(via Eurogamer)