The folks over at ValveTime got their hands on some of the uncompiled source files for an unreleased Half-Life 2 episode. Included in the leak are a series of files related to the Half-Life 2: Episode series of games. These include maps for Episode One, several early Episode Two maps, and a map from a canceled Episode that was in development from Junction Point Studios.

The map dates back to late 2005 and shows off a snow-themed version of Ravenholm. It includes "small puzzles, scripted sequences, and fights." It's important to note that this was not tied into Episode Four: Return to Ravenholm, which was in development by Arkane Studios.

According to the leak, the player arrives here after crashing a gondola into a warehouse. The player comes to in a room with two new characters named Duncan and Scooter. Rebals are fighting the Combine on the streets and there is a train station and various buildings nearby.
> Duncan (ravenholm_npc_mueller) and Scooter (ravenholm_npc_scooter) are unique entities. Duncan uses a generic Citizen model, while Scooter's model is unknown.
> Some entities use JPS as their prefix in their names, which obviously stands for the studio's name. In addition to this, some objects have fields called magnet and magnetization, which are related to the Magnet Gun mentioned by Warren Spector in the interviews.


The ValveTime thread has some additional images of the other leaked content. Most of it is relatively uninteresting by comparison and merely shows off old and early versions of known maps or simple test maps.