Dota 2 was updated today with some fixes. Alright, it's actually a lot of fixes.

Dota 2 update for January 5, 2017
- Improved overall performance of the in-game user interface.
- Fixed a bug where Arc Warden's Tempest Double could give a Moonshard to the main Hero.
- Fixed a bug where a hero would sometimes try to purchase more items than was necessary when some items were locked.
- Fixed Necrophos' Death Pulse not removing its regen when the ability is no longer stolen by Rubick.
- Moved the "Miss" message to appear over the target of the attack, and added an "Evade" message that appears over the target of a missed attack.
- Fixed a bug where Helm of the Dominator's health buff was purgable.
- Fixed a bug where Storm Spirit's Remnants sometimes did not take the correct pose.
- Fix the interaction of Sniper's Assassinate and moving an Aghanim's scepter out of the backpack.
- Fix the interaction of Luna's Eclipse and moving an Aghanim's scepter out of the backpack.
- Fixed a bug where illusions of Tiny would always be carrying a tree.
- Fixed a bug where Sentry Wards sometimes used the default model.
- Fixed a bug where non-full bottles in the courier's backpack did not slow the courier.
- Fixed the interaction of auto-repeat right mouse and the minimap.
- Fixed the user interface incorrectly displaying talents for stolen abilities.
- Fixed hero images scaling incorrectly on hover in some aspect ratios.
- Fixed the hero grid so all heroes fit at different screen resolutions.
- Hero selection now allows typing the hero name immediately, without requiring a click.
- Made the in-game chat scroll buttons will scroll when held down.
- Fixed a bug with the emoticon picker.
- Fixed a bug which allowed coaches to all chat.
- Fixed a bug when adding sockets or adding or removing gems.
- Fixed an issue with the effects for Legion Commander's Press the Attack while wearing the Blades of Voth Domosh.
- The cheat dota_range_display now works in sv_cheats 1 games hosted locally.
- Fixed some styling issues with the hero grid not working properly in custom games with fewer than the full set of heroes.
- Fixed a number of ability tooltips.
- Fixed some interactions between the bots and wards.
- Fixed bots waiting for primary runes at 0:00.
- Updated bot item recipes for: Alchemist, Doom Bringer, Dragon Knight, Drow, Lion, Juggernaut, Kunkka, Lifestealer, Phantom Assassin, Razor, Skeleton King, Sniper, Spirit Breaker, Sven.
- Removed Roshan's hat.

SFM - Added skybox support.
SFM - Added a Add Wind Controls option to the SFM camera to allow users to animate wind speed/direction.