Another "big winner" of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin betting, PhantomL0rd, has been found to potentially be involved in bet rigging and undisclosed partial ownership of CSGOShuffle, yet another skin betting website.

These are the accusations being thrown out by Richard Lewis, a noted esports journalist, after he obtained chat logs between PhantomL0rd and a person named Joris. Joris appears to be the person that coded the main functions on CSGOShuffle. These chat logs were provided to Lewis from an anonymous hacker. The hacker confessed that he had planned to obtain access to CSGOShuffle for his own financial gain. The hacker said that he had monitored the Skype chat logs of PhantomL0rd for months in hopes of finding something useful. He had full access to these chat logs up until earlier this year when the Skype password was changed.

Failing to find anything of personal use, the hacker realized that in the midst of all of this illegal CS:GO skin betting going on from prominent faces such as TmarTn, ProSyndicate, and others, that he had a lot of incriminating evidence here against PhantomL0rd for similar illegal activities. The video below by Richard Lewis shares many of these logs and other associated findings.

The logs heavily imply that PhantomL0rd was actively betting using money obtained directly from CSGOShuffle, rigging bets, and hiding a potential ownership role in CSGOShuffle. The logs also very clearly show that PhantomL0rd wanted Joris to create a feature that would allow PhantomL0rd to adjust his chances of winning as he wished. The video also seems to point even more fingers at members of FaZe and their role in another skin betting site, CSGOWild. Video descriptions from FaZe Rain, such as this video of him getting "lucky" on a bet, had their descriptions very recently changed to include a line of disclosure that was not there previously. For context, the timestamp in the linked FaZe video takes you to point in which the sleazeball is telling his very young audience to gamble on a site that he potentially has more than just a friendly stake in.

With all of that in mind, here is Richard Lewis showing off these very incriminating chat logs between PhantomL0rd and Joris.

Don't be surprised either if it's revealed that even more of these "lucky" CS:GO skin betting streamers and YouTube personalities are involved in similar activities. Of course, it is not our role here at TGN and CSN to say whether or not any of these parties are 100% guilty or not. That's up to the various legal systems to handle. However, if these accusations are true, these slime balls can go fuck themselves. Even if numerous accusations turn out to be false, as unlikely as sounds, most of them still pander to audiences that are too young to legally gamble, so they can still go fuck themselves.