Valve released an update today for the VR game, The Lab, with new gameplay improvements and some fixes. Valve is calling it The Lab: Appliance of Science Update. This update is free.
What's science without a little competition? Why, it's barely science at all! That's why we applied some science to The Lab and created the Appliance of Science Update, introducing a spirit of bloodthirsty competition to the world of ethically questionable research.

Now you can compete with your fellow test subjects on the new global leaderboards for Longbow, Xortex, and Slingshot, and prove to the world that you're the best at science. But hold on to your grant money, because we didn't stop there. We've also made a bunch of gameplay adjustments to all three games.

Longbow now features an unlimited number of enemy waves, along with a new scoring system to reward slaying enemies, nailing headshots, popping balloons, and more. Each successive wave includes more enemies, who will move faster and have an increased chance of wearing armor. Your exploding barrels and oil cauldrons reset every eight waves, so be sure to use them!

Xortex now offers a brand new way to play, Xortex Infinite, with progressively more frantic action as you maneuver your drone to collect powerups, increasing your score multiplier while gunning down enemies. Xortex Infinite also replaces the Laser with a powerful Bomb, which destroys all nearby threats. Use it wisely, however--detonating your Bomb also resets your score multiplier.

Finally, the rebalanced Slingshot will present you with new core calibration career opportunities. Wipe out the Aperture Storage annex with bigger, better barrel explosions, as well as a host of scoring adjustments to help you solidify your place as a world class calibrator.

Speaking of world class, the Appliance of Science Update also adds support for subtitles and text localization, along with a host of other additions and improvements. You can read all about those in the patch notes.

The Appliance of Science Update is now included in The Lab, available for free on Steam. So strap on your headset, grab your Nobel Prize or other favorite blunt object, and populate those leaderboards with your own empirical data, for science!

The full changelog in today's update can be found here.