Pre-orders are now open for the various Steam Hardware offerings that are slated to arrive on October 16. These include pre-orders for the Steam Controller, Steam Link, and the first actual Steam Machines, all of which can be found on the new Steam Hardware pre-order landing page.
In an exclusive partnership, starting June 4 and for a limited time, customers in the U.S. may pre-order an Alienware Steam Machine, Steam Link, and/or a Steam Controller from GameStop or Steam and have their order available on October 16, weeks before the official launch of November 10.

In Europe and Canada, GameStop, EB Games, Micromania, and GAME UK will join Steam in offering the Steam Link and Steam Controller as part of this pre order program.

Additionally, CyberPower is now offering their Steam Machine as part of this pre order, directly from its site. The other manufacturers of Steam Machines will be releasing information about their pre order and launch plans in the coming weeks.

GameStop, EB Games, and Micromania are now accepting Steam Hardware pre-orders online and in more than 5,700 retail stores worldwide.

Steam Link and the Steam Controller are both $49 (USD) each. Steam Hardware starts at $449.

Steam Controller -- An innovative input device that allows you to play games from all genres, including traditional gamepad style games as well as games usually reserved for play with a mouse and keyboard. The Controllers are wireless, completely configurable, and available for pre- order in the U.S. and Europe for an estimated $49/?54.

Steam Link -- The Steam Link allows Steam gamers to easily expand the range of their current gaming set up via their home network. Connecting any TV to your Steam host PC, Mac, or Steam Machine, the Link allows you to stream your games at 1080p 60 fps, and is available for pre-order in the U.S. and Europe for an estimated $49/?54.

Steam Machines -- Available from Alienware and other manufacturers, Steam Machines can serve as a stand-alone device for enjoying the Steam gaming experience in one box, with more than 1,000 titles available for native play. In addition, Steam Machines have the ability to broadcast and receive In Home Streaming, allowing you to stream your games to a Steam Link, or receive a stream from another Steam Machine or PC. Steam Machines will vary in price, offering a range of hard drive sizes, graphics performance, and more. Available for pre-order in the US, starting at an estimated $449.