Today marks the anniversary/birthday/day that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was launched! To mark the momentous occasion, Valve released a new update and while some of the changes are cool, others are actually annoying the community quite a bit.

Unofficial CS:GO update changelog (Since Valve didn't release one) for August 21, 2014

- The Zeus is now allowed in competitive
- Zeus also now costs $100
- The modified Zeus now will play a party horn sound, and confetti will come out
- Bomb defuses will also play the above party horn sound and will have balloons
- Chickens now have party hats - when they explode, they'll explode into confetti

Yes, the Zeus shoots out confetti!

Unfortunately, it seems as though the Zeus is being used to quickly kill teammates on friendly fire servers. Some fans aren't too happy about that. But at least the chickens have awesome hats and explode into colorful confetti too!

Image and video link via Reddit.