Valve has revealed details for the first ever season of Fantasy Dota. As the name implies, it's a bit like Fantasy Football where you and up to nine friends can form teams made up of pro players to compete against each other. You earn points based on how well your fantasy team performs during tournament matches.

Once you or one of your friends create a Fantasy League, simply join up and then create a Fantasy Team through a live draft. This draft will take place at the same time with the others in the league. Wins and losses are calculated based on total points as friends go head to head each week.

The Fantasy Dota Season 1 begins on May 19 and runs through July 28.
Fantasy-specific dev forum so you can discuss strategy, report bugs, and suggest features for upcoming Fantasy Seasons.

Valve has set up a comprehensive FAQ page for the first season of Fantasy Dota. It includes information on scoring, the draft, and much more.