The first batch of Steam Machines sent out to the lucky beta testers have already started to arrive. Already there have been a few unboxing videos and some high quality screenshots taken of some of the machines.

One Reddit user, colbehr, posted a gallery of images of the hardware and even offered up some very early impressions of the device. As there are a few configurations of hardware for the Steam Machines, he noted that his particular unit includes a quad-core based Intel CPU clocked at 3.2GHz. He said it also includes 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 780 with 3GB of dedicated video memory. It all apparently runs on a ~450W power supply and is very quiet.

That isn't even the fasted configuration shipped out as some users received units with Titans installed for their GPU. Enough about that, let's check out the gallery!

If that wasn't enough Steam Machine goodness, YouTube user Corey Nelson posted his own unboxing video.

So far, impressions have been light. Colbehr has only tested out Fez and Rogue Legacy thus far and says that the Steam Machine controller is "a little buggy" and "not quite what (he) expected." He says it feels quite light and he had hoped the pads would have a bit more of a rubbery feel than what they do. Even with that, he notes that if a few of the issues are fixed, the controller itself "has fantastic potential."