This past Friday, Valve updated the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive blog with word that they are working on an updated version of de_cbble (Cobble). In addition to this visually updated classic, they are also working on a new map called Overpass. First up, let's look at the update process behind Cobble!

Overpass is a new map set in a European setting. The CTs are tasked with defending a stalled military shipment on the canal overpass, while the Ts are trying to take on the shipment itself or the overpass.
The map is composed of two very distinct environments, with the lower part of the map set in an open canal and the other in a public park. The overpass pillar (below) is a clear target for the Phoenix faction. CTs will have to push into the site to safely protect it. The openness of the environment means that Ts are able to smoke and flash the site before going in.

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