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Bethesda Previews DOOM: The Dark Ages, Indiana Jones, and Starfield: Shattered Space

Punch demons, punch Nazis, punch space, punch ghouls, punch Khajiit.

Bethesda showed off a bunch during the Xbox Game Showcase today, including a reveal for Doom: The Dark Ages. The studio also shared a new look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Starfield's Shattered Space expansion, and more for Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online.

DOOM: The Dark Ages
id Software shared the first look at the next entry in the DOOM franchise. DOOM: The Dark Ages is a new...

Review: 5-hour Energy Gamer Shot

You ever write a three-page review for an energy supplement?

In early May 2024, 5-hour ENERGY (hereto after shown as 5-hour Energy) released a new Gamer Shot line of energy drink supplements. We got some news about it because this is a video game website that posts video game related news. That is how these things work. These 5-hour Energy Gamer Shots are available in three flavors: Pineapple Charge, Rocket Raspberry, and Apple Bash. Unless things have suddenly changed in the fe...

Band Together in Terror: The Outlast Trials Review

The Outlast Trials proves that survival horror can be more fun with friends.

The Outlast Trials is a four-player PvE game taking place in the Cold War era. The game's opening moments and lore paint a gruesome and wicked scene that will be familiar to series veterans but disquieting to those new to the Outlast universe. Players work their way through a series of experiments, each of which plays out on various large maps like a police station, a courthouse, a carnival, and more. The g...

Microsoft Shutdown Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog Games, and Roundhouse Games

The company valued at over $3 trillion just closed several game studios.

Arkane Austin, the studio behind Redfall and 2017's Prey, has been shutdown by Microsoft. Tango Gameworks, the studio behind The Evil Within series and the multiple award-winning Hi-Fi Rush, has been shutdown by Microsoft. Alpha Dog Games, the studio behind the mobile game Mighty Doom, has been shutdown by Microsoft. Roundhouse Studios will not be shutdown but will instead be absorbed by The Elder Scrolls Online...

TikTok Ban Signed Into Law by President Biden

Owner ByteDance has 270 days to sell off TikTok.

On April 24, President Joe Biden signed a foreign aid package that also included a bill that could ban TikTok in the United States. This ban can only be averted if the China-based company that owns TikTok, ByteDance, sells off the popular social media app before the 270 day time limit is up.

This gives ByteDance until January 19, 2025 to sell TikTok. An additional 90 day extension could be offered by President Biden if...

Ubisoft Pulls Licenses for The Crew, Makes the Game Completely Inaccessible to Buyers

From the same company trying to sell you a $130 version of Star Wars Outlaws.

From announcing a $130 edition of Star Wars Outlaws to pulling game licenses from those that bought The Crew, Ubisoft sure is on a roll this week.

The Crew was Ubisoft's open-world racing game that was pulled from sale back in December 2023. As of March 31, 2024, Ubisoft shut down the online servers for The Crew. This effectively made the game unplayable across all platforms, including: PC,...
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  • Steam Next Fest for February 2023 is Live

    Steam Next Fest for February 2023 is Live

    Demos, demos, demos, and did we mention, demos?

    The February 2023 edition of the Steam Next Fest is officially underway. This Steam Next fest, like the ones that have come before it and the ones that will come after it, is offering up hundreds of free demos to try out!

    From now through February 13 at 10AM (PT), you can check out demos for all sorts of games across all sorts of genres. The games that have demos as part of this Steam Next Fest will be released on Steam at...
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  • SpellForce: Conquest of Eo is Now Available

    SpellForce: Conquest of Eo is Now Available

    It's 4X strategy, but also an RPG, but also has turn-based tactical combat.

    The next chapter of the SpellForce series is now available on PC. SpellForce: Conquest of Eo is out now, allowing fans to put on their thinking caps as they try to lead their armies to victories through a series of tactical battles. This release is said to combine elements of 4X strategy, with RPG elements, and some turn-based tactical combat elements.

    Your goal in Conquest of Eo is to accumulate...
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  • The Last of Us Part 1 Delayed for PC

    The Last of Us Part 1 Delayed for PC

    It's still coming in March, just a bit later in March now.

    We have some unfortunate news to share today for those waiting for the PC release of The Last of Us Part 1. Naughty Dog just announced that the PC release of their post-apocalyptic shooter will be delayed.

    Originally slated to be released on March 3, The Last of Us Part 1 for PC will instead be released on March 28. Specifics about the delay weren't given. Naughty Dog simply says they need a few more weeks to "ensure...
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  • Activision Blizzard Agrees to Settle SEC Probe for $35 Million

    Activision Blizzard Agrees to Settle SEC Probe for $35 Million

    The settlement is neither an admission of guilt nor a denial of any wrongdoing.

    Activision Blizzard has agreed to pay $35 million (USD) to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a settlement over charges that the company failed to maintain adequate workplace harassment reporting procedures. Part of this $35 million settlement is also because Activision Blizzard violated federal whistleblower protection rules.

    According to the SEC, Activision Blizzard failed to...
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  • Turtle Rock Moving on to New Project, Says Goodbye to Back 4 Blood

    Turtle Rock Moving on to New Project, Says Goodbye to Back 4 Blood

    Back 4 Blood development comes to an end after three expansions.

    Turtle Rock Studios say that they will no longer be adding any additional content to Back 4 Blood. They will instead shift their full attention over to creating their next game. This announcement, made in a brief statement earlier today, comes after the release of several updates and three expansions for their zombie-slaying co-op shooter.

    While new content won't be released for Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock...
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  • New Witcher 3 Patch Addresses Next-gen Graphical Quality and Performance Quirks

    This update is out now for all platforms.

    The 4.01 update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out today for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. There are a few PC-specific improvements, a few console-specific improvements, and some general fixes for all platforms. Minus a couple of hotfix updates, this is the first major update to the game since the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 was released in December.

    Patch 4.01 includes a new performance mode for ray-traced global illumination...
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  • The Day Before Releases Extended Gameplay Trailer

    The Day Before Releases Extended Gameplay Trailer

    New footage was released, despite the trademark issue and delay.

    In late January 2023, The Day Before suffered a delay due to a supposed trademark dispute. The game was removed from Steam due to said trademark dispute, though Fntastic, the game's developer, initially said that it was removed due to a "technical difficulty" with the regular Steam maintenance. As we learned, that was a lie.

    The trademark woes were then revealed on Twitter. It seems as though Fntastic...
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  • PlayStation 5 Boasts 32 Million Units Shipped

    PlayStation 5 Boasts 32 Million Units Shipped

    PlayStation 5 had its best quarter ever.

    Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 sold like hotcakes in their Q3 2022 financial results (PDF). Their latest console saw a massive increase in both hardware sales and sales of first-party software, giving the PlayStation 5 its best sales quarter since its launch.

    For the three-month period ending December 21, 2022, Over 7.1 million PlayStation 5 consoles were shipped out. For the entirety of the 2022 financial year, Sony sold...
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  • Rockstar Releases Fix for GTA Online Security Exploit

    Rockstar Releases Fix for GTA Online Security Exploit

    This new patch will (hopefully) stop real hackers from ruining your fake online crimes.

    In January, a security vulnerability was discovered with GTA Online that could allow bad actors to essentially ruin your account. Hackers were able to completely wipe out your in-game money, reset account progress, and even screw with accounts so badly that they were banned from online play. If that wasn't bad enough, the creator of the unofficial Guardian firewall mod for Grand Theft Auto V speculated...
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  • Redfall Requires a Persistent Online Connection Even in Single Player

    Redfall Requires a Persistent Online Connection Even in Single Player

    People on the Internet are going nuts.

    Redfall will require an always-online connection to the Internet even if you are playing through the open-world, vampire slaying game on your own. This revelation, and more, were shared through a new Redfall FAQ that flatly states, "a persistent online connection is required for single player and co-op."

    Not only is this persistent online connection necessary, but players will also have to need to link to their Steam or...
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  • PlayStation to Remove PS Plus Collection in May

    PlayStation to Remove PS Plus Collection in May

    Plus, a look at the February PS Plus freebies.

    Alongside today's announcement of the PlayStation Plus titles subscribers will get in February, Sony also announced that they are removing the PlayStation Plus Collection on May 9. Introduced in 2020 for PlayStation 5 owners that subscribed to PlayStation Plus, the Collection included a list of free titles that you were able to get instant access to so long as you remained subscribed to the service.

    On May 9, Sony will remove...
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  • Deceive Inc. Set to Release on March 21

    Deceive Inc. Set to Release on March 21

    A demo will be available on February 6.

    Developer Sweet Bandits Studios and publisher Tripwire Presents announce that Deceive Inc. will release on March 21, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via both Steam and the Epic Games Store. The base edition of the game will cost you just $19.99 (USD), or you can get a Black Tie Edition for $29.99.

    Those who have no idea what this game is about, and I be it's many of you out there, will be able to try a free multiplayer...
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  • Tomb Raider IP Reportedly Leased to Amazon for $600 Million

    Tomb Raider IP Reportedly Leased to Amazon for $600 Million

    A very quick return on investment for Embracer Group.

    In May 2022, Embracer Group purchased three Square Enix studios for just $300 million (USD). This amount included the studios, employees, and numerous IPs that belonged to these studios. One of those IPs was Tomb Raider.

    It is now being reported by Fellowship of Fans that Embracer has leased just the Tomb Raider IP to Amazon for $600 million. Their original story said that the rights were sold outright to Amazon, but...
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  • New Resident Evil 4 Remake Details from Game Informer

    New Resident Evil 4 Remake Details from Game Informer

    Limited durability knives, side-quests, health bars, and more.

    Game Informer kicked off their month's long coverage of cover story Resident Evil 4 with some fresh gameplay information. The new issue, which you can read digitally right now, goes into details on some of the new gameplay changes players will see when the remake releases on March 24, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

    As part of today's reveals, we learn that quick-time events...
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  • EA to Shut Down Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile

    EA to Shut Down Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile

    These mobile titles will be sunset starting in May.

    Electronic Arts announce that both Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile are shutting down. The end of Apex Legends Mobile will happen on May 1, 2023 at 4PM (PT). The date and time that Battlefield Mobile will cease to be was not provided in EA's statement. Furthermore, the studio behind Battlefield Mobile, Industrial Toys, is also being completely shut down.

    EA's statement continues on to provide some reasons why...
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