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Microsoft Acquires ZeniMax for $7.5 Billion

It's official.

Microsoft has confirmed that they are in the process of acquiring ZeniMax Media for a cool $7.5 billion (USD) in cash. ZeniMax is the parent company of studios like Bethesda, creator of The Elder Scrolls, as well as id Software, the developer behind DOOM.

This acquisition is reportedly the "biggest video game purchase ever" for Microsoft.

At present, Bethesda has two games that are slated to arrive in 2021. Those include Deathloop...

PlayStation 5 Starting at $400, Launches Starting November 12

$400 for digital-only, $500 for the full system.

The next-gen is now fully in gear. With Microsoft announcing the price and release date of their Xbox Series X, the only piece of the puzzle that remained was what Sony would do with the PlayStation 5. Today, the company announced that the Digital Edition will retail for $399.99 (USD) while the "regular" version with a disc drive will retail for $499.99.

Both consoles are expected to launch in select countries...

EA Kills Off Origin

Origin to be replaced by more generic naming convention.

First, EA ditched their EA Access and Origin Access branding in favor of EA Play. This happened almost exactly one month ago in August 2020. Now, EA is ready to ditch their Origin desktop client with something a little more generic.

EA is changing the name of their Origin client to "EA Desktop." EA is calling their new app a "next-generation PC gaming platform."

This renaming will...

Xbox Series X Officially Launches on November 10 for $499

Next-gen begins on November 10.

Microsoft has kicked down the doors of the next-gen waiting room and come out swinging. Yesterday, they revealed that the Xbox Series S would be released on November 10 for a price of just $299 (USD). Today, Microsoft reveals that the more powerful Xbox Series X will also launch on November 10 for a very affordable $499 (USD).

Pre-orders for both consoles will begin on September 22.

In addition to this, Microsoft announces that...

Review: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

Feeling younger in my mind.

When you think of the heyday of Tony Hawk titles, you probably think back to the games prior to weird skateboard controllers and the abysmal Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5. You think back to a time in your childhood when you would turn on your old CRT television, power on the PlayStation, and digitally pull off some sick tricks while Goldfinger's Superman blasted in the background. The first couple of Tony Hawk games hold a special place in a lot of our hearts...
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  • New Scarlet Nexus Trailer Released

    New Scarlet Nexus Trailer Released

    Fresh from Bandai Namco.

    We have a brand-new trailer for the upcoming action-RPG Scarlet Nexus. This one is in development at present from Bandai Namco Studios.

    Players take on the role of Yuito Sumeragi in a plot that will find you uncovering "the mysteries of a Brain Punk future caught between technology and psychic abilities." Sounds intense.

    Scarlet Nexus is aiming for a cross-gen release on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation...
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  • Disintegration is Now Available

    Disintegration is Now Available

    Take your grav cycle out for a spin.

    Private Division and V1 Interactive just released Disintegration to the public today. If the name sounds familiar to you, it may be because you just read our review for Disintegration. If you haven't read it yet, you should probably do so now before continuing on with this news post.

    Disintegration is now avialable on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $49.99 (USD). It is the creation of a studio founded by Halo co-creator Marcus...
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  • What You Need to Know About Buying A Gaming PC

    What You Need to Know About Buying A Gaming PC

    The humble gaming PC, something many of us dream to haveā€¦

    But, wait, you can.

    In past years, buying a gaming PC was only a choice people could make when they had more money than time (or sense) but now, the whole gaming industry has revolutionized, enabling many of us avid gamers to choose our dream set ups, that are still within our budget.

    However, buying a gaming PC can be a massive step for many of us, in terms of cost, specs and even how good it looks....
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  • Gearbox is Now Suing 3D Realms Over the Duke Nukem Acquisition

    Gearbox is Now Suing 3D Realms Over the Duke Nukem Acquisition

    Gearbox claims 3D Realms is in breach of contract.

    Gearbox is headed back to the courtroom, though they may have never actually left. This time, they're the ones doing the suing. The development studio is suing Apogee Software, the parent company of 3D Realms, over a breach of contract in its acquisition of the Duke Nukem franchise and IP.

    DigitalTrends spotted the complaint, which was filed just this past week. The complain says that 3D Realms reportedly violated a portion...
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  • Read Only Memories: Neurodiver Coming to PlayStation and Xbox

    Read Only Memories: Neurodiver Coming to PlayStation and Xbox

    Console releases join PC and Mac release.

    Last year, we passed along word that Read Only Memories: Neurodiver would be coming to Windows and Mac. Today, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One join the planned release platforms for this MidBoss developed title. Read Only Memories: Neurodiver is a sequel to 2064: Read Only Memories.

    The next installment in the cyberpunk point-and-click adventure was shown off during the Guerrilla Collective showcase. All versions of the game are...
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  • Mortal Shell Announced as Epic Games Store Timed Exclusive

    Mortal Shell Announced as Epic Games Store Timed Exclusive

    News comes alongside a new trailer.

    Mortal Shell was announced today as being a timed exclusive to the Epic Games Store. It's not very often that we get a press release that is almost solely focused on this sort of news, yet here we are. This action-RPG is being developed by a very small team who showed off their latest trailer, complete with gameplay, during the PC Gaming Show.

    The news about the Epic Games Store timed exclusivity was made this past Saturday during...
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  • Dogfight Amongst the Stars in Star Wars: Squadrons

    Dogfight Amongst the Stars in Star Wars: Squadrons

    Become a starfighter pilot and battle it out this October.

    On October 2, EA Motive and Lucasfilm will release Star Wars: Squadrons, a new first-person game set in the Star Wars universe. You will engage in 5v5 multiplayer dogfights, fleet battles, and even experience an original story that is set "during the final days of the Galactic Empire and the rise of the New Republic after the events of Star War: Return of the Jedi." Currently, the game will be released for the PlayStation...
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  • Review: Disintegration

    Review: Disintegration

    A terribly underwhelming take on the sci-fi FPS genre.

    Disintegration, the debut title from V1 Interactive, places players in the shoes of Romer Shoal. Shoal was a former celebrity robot turned outlaw that leads a group of other current outlaws to take down the evil Rayonne. This is done through a lot of vehicle focused combat and some great character designs, but a terrible story with some surprisingly shallow gameplay. Though the game aims to become a real genre defining moment for...
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  • Review: Maneater

    Review: Maneater

    A fun, albeit shallow, gameplay experience.

    Maneater is one of those titles that is just the right amount of dumb fun. It pushes the dumb just far enough that you are not overly concerned with its obvious shortcomings. I suppose that any game that places you in the fins of a growing, angry as hell bull shark that can mutate and grow. These mutations provide your shark with gain special abilities is not a game that would ever take itself too seriously.

    Maneater is a game...
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  • Torchlight III Early Access is Live

    Torchlight III Early Access is Live

    Get it on Steam.

    Over on Steam, the Early Access for Torchlight III is now live. This is the latest in the action-RPG series from Echtra Inc. and published by Perfect World. May Runic Games rest in peace.

    The latest is set a mere 100 year after the events of Torchlight II. There's a launch trailer and some new details on the launch of the game into Early Access that provides additional insight on today's release.

    Today's Early Access release will set you back...
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  • First Official Godfall PC Gameplay Video

    First Official Godfall PC Gameplay Video

    Check it out.

    The first official gameplay video for Godfall running on the PC was just released. The video made its debut during the ongoing PC Gaming Show mere minutes ago.

    Godfall is in development at Counterplay Games and will be published by Gearbox Publishing. It's currently looking to be released on the PC and PlayStation 5 around the Holiday 2020 window.

    This video is narrated by game director for Godfall Keigh Lee. It introduces players to the world...
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