It's already being reverse engineered by cheat makers.
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Over the span of just three days, we had Activision issuing a threat against cheaters, the reveal of Ricochet, the new kernel-level anti-cheat coming to Call of Duty, and now today that anti-cheat has apparently already been leaked. Not only that, but Ricochet is apparently already being reverse engineered by "pay to cheat" (P2C) developers.

Ricochet as it is known was announced just yesterday for Call of Duty: Warzone and the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard. This is Activision's new anti-cheat solution that would install a driver on a user's PC at the kernel-level in order to maintain a watch over any potential cheats that were running while Warzone or Vanguard was being played. We already talked at length about this yesterday, so let's not dwell on this too much.

Today, Ricochet was apparently leaked on to the internet somehow. The anti-cheat, or at least part of it, has reportedly made its way online according to Twitter users AntiCheatPD and ModernWarzone. As a result of this leak, those P2C developers are already hard at work to try to reverse engineer the anti-cheat to bypass whatever checks it might have and allow their cheats to skate by undetected.

The release and discussion of this leak seems to have originated on at least one cheat maker's message boards. Screenshots of the discussion were taken. The time in which the posts were made seem to indicate that it took less than a day between when the anti-cheat was announced and when it was leaked online.

So far, Activision has not made any official remarks about this possible leak.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Who could have possibly leaked something that wasn't even included in any game yet? Was this maybe an intentional and controlled leak to try to work out any loopholes or kinks before it's added to a public environment? To that I say: Maybe. I wouldn't exactly rule anything out here.

The screenshots and images found below come courtesy of AntiCheatPD and ModernWarzone.

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