A number of sites have some fresh information on Call of Duty: WWII today. Alongside the reveal trailer, sites like Charlie Intel, the Call of Duty Twitter, and Activision gave us a fairly significant chunk of information on the upcoming release.
  • Release date is November 3 for the PC, PS4, and XB1
  • PS4 version will have a 30-day exclusive window on DLC maps
  • Private beta: Pre-order to get access. Will last three days.
  • $60 for the regular edition or $100 for the game plus Season Pass combo
  • Focus is on European Theater
  • Focus is on Ronald "Red" Daniels and the 1st Infantry Division as they fight through France, Belgium, and into Germany.
  • You will get to play as other characters in the campaign.
  • While the main story focuses on 1944-1945, other missions will take place between 1940-1944
  • Official blog notes a diverse cast and mentions women.
  • The French Resistance is listed as a group that you will encounter.
  • NO regenerating health
  • Squadmates are vital in the game. Example: If you're low on ammo, squadmates can share ammo with you. This means that if you're separated from some squadmates you may have to adjust your play style accordingly.
  • Important members of your squad can die.
  • Separate co-op campaign and Zombies mode again returns
  • Full multiplayer reveal coming at E3 (June 13-15)
  • Multiplayer is more "boots on the ground" akin to the older CoD titles
  • "Headquarters" is a new social hub where you can hang out with other players and friends (pictured below)
  • "Divisions" mode - Choose to join as Infantry, Airborne, or Armored division, create your class, and then progress "through the ranks."
  • Multiplayer will include American G.I.s, women resistance fighters, the British, African-American G.I.s, Germans, and more.
  • "War" mode is an objective based team battle between Axis and Allies. One side attacks while the other defends. (Think Operations from BF1)
  • Mission 1 Spoilers: Hürtgen Forest: Forest situated on the German border. German Army used tree burst bombs that are set off at treetop level, raining soldiers below with wooden shrapnel. Your squad nears the enemy artillery but they get caught by a tree burst bomb
  • Mission 2 Spoilers: Normandy: Start in a landing boat and storm up Omaha Beach. Promises to provide an experience well beyond any other D-Day landing in a game to date.