Double XP and more for everyone!
Screenshot from Season 5 of Battlefield 2042.

Apparently, ever since Season 5 of Battlefield 2042 launched this past week, there have been issues with player stats not updating. These are the stats you can see under your Player Profile and include information like your K/D ratio, win rate, weapon and gadget statistics, and more.

The Battlefield 2042 team at DICE took note of the issue and have deployed a fix for the broken stat tracking. The bad news is that they have to roll back some of the non-broken stats to what they were at the start of Season 5. If they weren't tracking properly in the first place, this really isn't too big of an issue.

The good news here though is that DICE is offering up freebies to everyone!

We recognize this may have inconvenienced you, here's what we're doing to correct that:
  • DXP weekend is now extended until Wednesday (14th) at 12:00 UTC.
  • Double Tokens (20) for Week 2's Bonus Mission on the Battle Pass.
Additionally, all players that log in from now until Tuesday (20th) at 12:00 UTC will receive:
  • 1X Rare XP Booster (1 Hour Duration)
  • 1X Rare Weapon Skin (Thermal Coal - MCS-880)‚Äč
There are some double XP extensions, you can earn double XP on Battle Pass tokens next week, and there's even a free skin being offered. The other good news is that progress in the Battle Pass, Masteries, and Career Rank are not impacted by this stat rollback either.