One new map, one new Specialist, 24 hour playlists, and two new vehicles.

Known dataminer temporyal has taken another deep-dive into the Battlefield 2042 files to find out what we can expect when Season One launches for the game in June. In doing so, they discovered some previously unknown details about what Battlefield fans can expect as far as the new content is concerned.

Thus far, temporyal notes that the new Specialist coming in the first season is named Ewelina Lis. Lis hails out of Poland and their specialty is the Guided Rocket Launcher. For now, their special Trait is not yet known.

The new maps is called Exposure and will have not one but apparently two dedicated playlists that will run just this map at all hours of the day. One playlist will be Exposure Conquest 24/7, which is just regular ol' Conquest on the Exposure map. The other playlist is called Exposure Mayhem and is the Conquest mode but with "faster projectile and movement speed, quicker vehicle respawns, and faster deployment."

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 temporyal datamine

There will be two new stealth helicopters added to the game. The U.S. gets the RAH-68 Shoshone while the Russians get the KA-99 Hannibal. Both helicopters allow for one pilot and one gunner.

There also seems to be two options to buy into the Premium Battle Pass. There is the vanilla Premium Battle Pass that gives access to all Premium tiers plus four exclusive instant rewards. There is also a Premium Battle Pass + 20 Tier option that gives access to all Premium tiers, the four exclusive instant rewards, and automatically advances you 20 tiers.

A follow-up tweet by temporyal notes that they do not have full information on all new weapons and gadgets coming in Season One. They did find some older weapons and gadgets that were not yet released, but they cannot confirm that they are coming in Season One or at any point. These unreleased weapons include: AM-17 SMG, MGA SAW K machine gun, the TTS XCEED sniper, SIG SAUER M17 pistol, M45A1 pistol, and a CRB SCOUT that is an unknown weapon type, but I assume is either a marksman rifle or another sniper.

Naturally, none of this is necessarily confirmed until announced by DICE. We will probably get confirmation about what Season One includes in just a few days.